First steps with diatonic accordion

This is an approximative translation, if you can do better (easy job actually!) please mail  me your version in good English

If you understand French you will find a more complete lesson of diatonic accordion on Anicet Le Marre home page

  1. Tablature system
  2. First tune "Polka de Mirepoix" with Realaudio and Realmedia* samples
  3. Second tune "Valse d'Ernest Lurde" with Realaudio samples

    How to get Real media

* the Realmedia is a low quality file in order to save download tine and to be able to put it on a 3-1/2" disquette.

Tablature notation

Tablatures for right hand use Jean-Michel Corgeron's system for a typical G/C accordion. Each button is numbered from the basses to trebles = 1 to 11 for the first row (G) and 1 to 10 for the seconde row (C)

1= button 1 pulling the bellows

1= touche n° 1 pushing the bellows

Following tunes use only one row, in order to get use to the "push and pull" technic.

First  tune: "Polka de Mirepoix"

Listen to slow version
Listen to normal version
View and listen to slow version

(Realmedia - 426K))

Second tune : "Valse d'Ernest Lurde"

Listen to slow version
Listen to normal version

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